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Oskar Ingvarsson - CV

I grew up in the east part of Reykjavik until I reached 12 years of age but then moved to the west side and has lived there since. I am married to Gudrun Karlsdottir whose occupation is a student counsellor, and we have two daughters

Work History

2013 to present
Tryggingamiğstöğin hf. - Manager, Software Engineering
Main Projects:
  • General people management
  • Project and strategic management of new incuranse system
  • Product development
  • IT strategy
2003 to 2013
Tryggingamiğstöğin hf. - Software Engineer, Web Development and Team leader.
Main Projects:
  •, java/jsp/ajax programming.
  •, java/jsp/ajax programming, team leader and project management.
  • Planning, design and programming web interface to TM information systems.
  • Implemented Java programming to TM software department.
2000 to 2003
Hugur hf, - Software Engineer, Web Development and Project Management.
Main Projects:
  • Siminn hf. service web, java/jsp/html programming and project management
  • Veftorg hf Portal, java/jsp/html programming.
  • Landsbankinn, Corporate Self service, programming.
  • LIN,, planning, design and programming web interface to LIN IT system, and project management.
1997 to 2003
AKS hf.(now TM Software, - Software Engineer, AS/400 and Lotus Notes programming
Main Projects:
  • Programmed information systems for a few local governments.
  • SIF hf., programming of a warehouse system.
  • The Collaboration of AKS and Hugvits bringing/introducing Lotus Notes and GoPro document management system for a few local governments in Iceland.
  • Installed, introduced and administrated Lotus Notes and GoPro programs for the town of Akureyri and Reykjanes.
From 2000
Working independent as a software engineer as a side job.
Main Projects:
  • Web and Lotus Notes programming for Tryggingamidstodin hf.
  • Designed and implemented Web portal for a few driving schools that helped students organize their studies.
  • Designed and implemented a Web based survey program for Nano ehf.
From 1990
Working independent as a construction worker, I used to work during summers alongside school and I occasionally still work up to this day.


1995 to 1997
The Computer College (TVI) (Now named Reykjavik University), Graduated as software engineer in the spring of 1997.
1993 to 1995
University of Iceland, Engineering department, quit studies after roughly 1 1/2 years.
1989 to 1993
Menntaskolinn í Reykjavik (High School of Reykjavik), graduated from a physics course.

Professional Expertise

Information technology

I have a very good knowledge of information technology, especially web infrastructure technologies, Agile, Scrum (Certified ScrumMaster), Extreme programming, software testing (ISTQB Certified Tester).

  • Windows, very good, 15 years.
  • Apple, Mac OS X, good, 7 years.
  • Linux, good, 3 years.
  • AS/400 (iSeries), very good, 10 years.
  • A good knowledge of Word and Excel.
  • Java, very good, 6 years.
  • .Net, good, 3 years.
  • JavaScript, good, 3 years.
  • HTML, very good, 6 years.
  • CSS, good, 3 years.
  • PHP, very good, 5 years.
  • RPG, good, 3 years.
  • Lotus Notes (programming and administration), very good, 5 years.
  • SQL, good, 4 years.
  • DB/2, good, 4 years.
  • SQL Server, good, 3 years.
  • Oracle, fairly good, 2 years.
  • MySQL, good, 4 years.
  • Know and have worked for a short time with: C, C++, Delphi, Unix shell languages, Apple Script, Excel programming, iPhone programming, Ruby og Perl.


People management and leadership experience 3+ years.

Recruiting experience 2+ years

Project Management

Project manager of big software projects (20+ man-year) and smaller projects (5- man-year).


I have gotten to know how the Icelandic administration works very well through my projects for various local governments.

Construction work

I have a fairly good experience of overseeing projects and as a foreman during construction.

  • Preparing iron bars for use in reinforced concrete, very good
  • Carpentry, houses and furniture, good
  • Electric welding, good.
The Human Factor

I have good social and communication skills and I adjust very fast to changed situations. I have no problem distinguishing the insignificant from the significant.

Lingual Skills

Interests, hobbies

Information technology, people, politics, movies, literature, travelling, cars, enjoying nature and much more.